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Weight Loss

Elam Health and Wellness

Stephanie Opusunju, MD

Family Medicine & Internal Medicine located in Dallas, TX

When you struggle to lose weight following one of those popular weight loss diets, Stephanie Opusunju, MD, at Elam Health and Wellness can help. Dr. Opusunju takes a holistic approach to health and weight loss. She knows no single diet works for all, so she develops comprehensive weight loss programs that help you lose the weight and keep it off. Find out more about weight loss at Elam Health and Wellness by calling the office in Dallas, Texas, or booking an appointment online today.

Weight Loss Q & A

Why is weight loss hard?

Most health professionals agree that losing weight requires you to burn more calories than you eat. This means you have to eat less, exercise more, or both.

Though diet and exercise are an important part of any weight loss plan, it’s not always as simple as eating less and moving more. Many factors can make weight loss hard. 

When you restrict calorie intake to lose weight, your body goes into survival mode. Your body then releases hormones that trigger your appetite. In addition to hunger, your body also tries to preserve your energy stores by slowing down your metabolism so you burn fewer calories.

Other factors also make it difficult to lose weight, like genetics, medical history, certain medication, and culture. 

When you try to lose weight on your own, diet and exercise may be your primary focus. At Elam Health and Wellness, Dr. Opusunju considers all of the factors that influence your weight so you can make weight loss a little easier. 

What happens during a weight loss evaluation?

Dr. Opusunju conducts a comprehensive evaluation when you come in for help with weight loss. She asks detailed questions about your weight and weight struggles, as well as the types of diets you’ve tried in the past.

She also reviews your medical and family histories and the types of medications and supplements you take, and conducts a physical exam. Dr. Opusunju may also run lab work to look for medical conditions that might hinder your weight loss.

After your evaluation, Dr. Opusunju develops a personalized weight loss program to help you reach your weight goals and stay there. 

What can I expect from a weight loss program?

The specifics of your weight loss program at Elam Health and Wellness depend on your weight goals and health needs. Your plan may include:

  • A personalized diet plan
  • An exercise program that matches your fitness level
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Weight loss medication
  • Lifestyle counseling


She has you return to the office regularly during your weight loss program so she can monitor your health and weight and adjust your plan as needed. 

What happens after I lose the weight?

Once you reach your weight goal, Dr. Opusunju provides a weight management plan to help you maintain your new weight. She also continues to monitor your weight and health and provides support and guidance when you find yourself falling back into unhealthy habits.

When weight loss is hard, Dr. Opusunju can help. Call Elam Health and Wellness or schedule your weight loss consultation online today.